You have arrived at the website for the Social Gospel Wisdom and Learning Center, where truth, justice and the Bible meet. Welcome to our home page. Come on aboard for a journey to meet the real Jesus!

Watch for new video's and other related postings on wide-ranging subjects of Biblical significance on Instagram and You Tube: With lots of fresh videos, starting no later than early February 2021, subject to the arrival of our new computer workstation  and webcam. Many thanks to those who were able to donate :-)

Upcoming Services

Weekly services posted in written format every Sunday on, Medium, or Wordpress. As for a brick & mortar church, we're not there yet, but we're trying.

Weekly Biblical teaching series posted every Thursday on Medium or Wordpress.

Welcome to the Social Gospel Worship and Learning Center Website. Where Truth, Justice and the Bible Meet!

Our mission is to provide an online church that is available free of charge 24/7. We are not affiliated with any denominations. We pledge allegiance only to God through Jesus Christ our Lord. At this site, you will discover a church that is not “church as usual” or “religion incorporated”. Denominational teachings are ignored here because they are considered to be divisive and not in the best interest of the people we serve. I refuse to preach any doctrine except for that of the saving power of the sacred Blood of Jesus Christ, and for the need to dedicate our lives to him through service to others


Now you can go to church, spend some quiet time in prayer and meditation, or tap into a little Spiritual wisdom from right where you are. But equally important is the fact that this is a Social Gospel website, which means that I teach complete faith and trust in Christ from a modern perspective without the encumbrances of traditional dogma. Progressive Christianity also means that Christian faith plus anti-war and human rights activism go hand in hand.


This is nondenominational Christianity viewed from a progressive or populist perspective, which is far closer to what Jesus originally taught than the ultra-conservative slant being taught today. What good is our faith if we hoard all our money and material possessions while ignoring the poor, the elderly, the mentally ill, the homeless, and the newly released prisoner? What good is our faith if we vehemently oppose abortion while fanatically sending our sons and daughters off to fight wars that only benefit a few? Finally, what good is our faith when we condemn same sex marriage while having a divorce rate within Christianity that is the same as the secular world? Jesus summarized it perfectly when he said, "I desire mercy, not sacrifice". American society -- or any other for that matter -- can measure how just and fair it is by the way in which they treat their most vulnerable citizens.  In so doing, we become ambassadors for Christ while living our lives in complete accordance with God's will.

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